Dec 14, 2008

German Family Minister jumps into trash container in TV program "Wetten, dass?" - satanic celebrations

Time for the illuminati to celebrate how successful the agenda "Destruction of the Family" was implemented.
Ursula von der Leyen, German Family (Destruction) minister  and the TV program "Wetten, dass.. ?"  offer the perfect stage for reaching the ideal audience, both in quality and quantity (1), for this satanic celebration.
What she promised to do in case she would loose the bet: to get into a trash can.
No need to tell what the result of the bet was...

(1) "Wetten, dass.. ?" is the most important "entertainment" tool used to sell illuminati icons, It's broadcasted at prime time for "families" in the state channels of all three german speaking "countries", Germany, Austria and Switzerland, with the highest ratings.

Satanic celebrations
Ritual murder of Schiavo: the ultimate live satanic celebration of the  the destruction of the family, the destruction of human life, the destruction of the US