Feb 10, 2015

French families of switched babies awarded $2m HOAX - for dummies

French families of switched babies awarded $2m HOAX - for dummies
All staged, same as "news" about the Taiwan airplane crash produced by computer graphics and released in parallel: !TransAsia offers $470,000 compensation to crash families".

Make believe human cattle that illuminati will award millions to some of their ilk. 
"Switched babies" shares this agenda not only with "TransAsia Taiwan crash" but also with ALL other fake airliners crashes. 
Reminder: the classic episode of this series is repeated every week: totally rigged state lotteries. 

Family Destruction agenda
As always, these staged stories advance several agendas, other than the general agenda of "entertaining" alias mocking the human cattle.
In this case also the agenda of destroying the blood bonds in the family: "The two sets of parents met their biological daughters for the first time when they were both ten, but did not ask that they be switched back.
The two families have distanced themselves from each other since the meeting ten years ago."

Feb 10: An auxiliary nurse unwittingly switched them, and although both mothers immediately expressed doubt about the babies, pointing to their different hair lengths, they were sent home anyway.
Ms Serrano called her daughter Manon, but ten years later, troubled by the fact his daughter bore no resemblance to him with her darker skin, Manon's father did a paternity test that revealed he was not her biological parent.
Ms Serrano then discovered she was not Manon's mother either

Feb 11: TransAsia offers $470,000 compensation to crash families

Britain's biggest lottery winners back UK break-up - *** PRAISE *** two of the greatest scottish partriots ever, donated £4 million
To get these jokes:
UK's Britain's biggest lottery winners: #1 and #2 played by same actor

Feb 4, 2015:
Taiwan: Taipei TransAsia Airways plane crash: joke about ongoing 9/11 remake, Malaysia to Indonesia, Taiwan to Jerusalem

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